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DENTAL IMPLANTS IN ALBANIA – SAVE 50% AT GREMI CLINIC: Complete Prices of Dental Implantology and Fixed Prostheses.

Planning a dental procedure is not a choice you make lightly or even in a day. Some of the patients we welcome at Gremi Clinic tell us that it took them months, sometimes years, before they found the right clinic! Many factors hold them back: exorbitant quotes, bad experiences, fear of the dentist or, again, long timelines that, inevitably drive up costs.

If this is something you have experienced and you would like to replace a missing tooth, get a denture or an implant, perhaps you have not yet considered going to a Dental Clinic abroad. You should know that in Albania, the prices are considerably cheaper and the savings, thanks to lower tax rates, can be as much as 50 %!

There are, of course, different types of clinics, which is why it is important to take into consideration a number of elements.

Gremi Clinic has been operating in the field of Dental Health for fourteen years with over 15 thousand satisfied patients.

Our strength is in combining Convenience with Quality.

In fact, we only refer to dental products that are certified and have a European implant passport to guarantee the traceability of the product!

However, before we dive into other aspects, here are the prices you wanted to know!

The prices of titanium implants

A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium screw that replaces the tooth root. It is a safe method capable of providing you with safe and aesthetically perfect mastication.

Also, at Gremi Clinic, our professionals use Computer Guided technology which allows us to intervene with the utmost precision, greatly reducing the time of a procedure (immediate loading in 72 HOURS).

At Gremi Clinic, you can have titanium dental implants for as low as 350 pounds-yes, you read that right! But that’s not all, our quotes include a number of benefits that only a maxi facility like ours can offer:

  • Free accommodation for you and one companion
  • Free transportation from/to Tirana’s Airport
  • Access to a facility equipped with dining facilities, lounge area, bar.
  • Organized trips during free time (weekends)
  • Reception in English language
  • Ongoing assistance throughout all stages of your treatment itinerary

The prices of fixed dental prostheses

Total Fixed Prosthesis in Zirconium with no Fake Gums

15,000 PATIENTS SATISFIED in 14 years of activity - Listen to their Direct Testimonials

To complete the artificial tooth that will replace the lost tooth on the dental implant, the procedure we follow is the one where we fit an abutment

For patients who have lost many teeth, we recommend All on 6 implantology: an entire dental arch fixed on six implants! With Gremi Clinic, the price of the highest quality zirconium All on 6 fixed dental prosthesis (is only £5900)

The benefits of a stay in Gremi Clinic:

  • Immediate loading ( 72 hours)
  • Experienced professionals, ready to intervene even in the most complex situations ( for example, in coexistence of pathologies such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems)
  • Computer Guided Technology for precise interventions
  • 100% guaranteed results
  • Implant Passport ( assurance of the quality)



Advantages offered by a “Premium” clinic:

Our clinic is recognized as “Premium” for several reasons, including:

Team of expert Maxillofacial Surgeons: We guarantee interventions of maxillofacial sinus lift and bone grafting with high precision and success.Maxillofacial surgeons are, in fact, specialized in operations that concern the bones of the face and , compared to dentists, they offer a reconstruction treatment tailored to the patient. Furthermore, before proceeding with the bone grafting the gum is completely cleaned and toned down through a painless but which involves opening the gum to be able to act in depth, where any dental cleaning could not reach!

Conscious sedation by expert Anesthesiologists: To ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience during treatments, our patients can benefit from conscious sedation monitored by highly trained professionals.

 Support throughout the procedure:During the treatment, right from their arrival at the Clinic, our patients are assisted by dedicated nurses and assistants, for constant attention and impeccable care. The assistants are also the figures who will be responsible for reminding the patient of routine check-up appointments and assisting him in case of support.

Beware of low-cost clinics that offer low prices without tax receipts. This is a serious problem

A low-cost clinic is not reliable from the point of view of the quality of work performed. Clinics that offer discounts of more than 70% compromise the quality of the treatment offered, primarily because they do not guarantee tax receipts.

Without a tax receipt, no one will be able to intervene in case of repair or maintenance work

This is one of the most worrying aspects that is coming to light: Low-cost clinics taking advantage of patients without giving them any kind of a tax guarantee. Without a tax receipt, in fact, your implant is not registered anywhere!

Do you know what this means? That in case of repair or maintenance work; no one will be able to take charge of your situation. You can knock on all the doors you want; no one will be able to answer you!

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the contract signed with the Clinic is done in compliance with current regulations and is accompanied by the tax receipt that regulates the relationship between parties and protects the patient for any eventuality!

Having the guarantee of a tax receipt also allows you to download the costs

That’s right, with a tax receipt you can deduct 19% of the cost from your tax return. Expenses incurred in a foreign Clinic, such as in Albania, are tax deductible!

And did you know that dental expenses incurred abroad can also be deducted from your income?

Protect yourself from the scams of intermediary agencies. Turn to Clinics that offer a video consultation with their doctors.

In recent years, a disturbing phenomenon has taken over the dental industry: intermediary agencies that sell services through aggressive phone calls and offer seemingly advantageous packages for dental procedures abroad. Fortunately, there is a very valuable tool that breaks down the distance between the patients and doctors, protecting you from any possible ” intermediary agency scams “: the video consultation with a doctor.

The Gremi Clinic is committed to offering a safe and high-quality path to its patients. Through a dedicated online space, patients can access video consultations with doctors. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to get to know your doctor, learn more about your treatment plan, and get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Albania is among the most popular European destinations for its paradisiacal beaches, breathtaking landscapes and its Cities rich in history, art and culture!

Gremi Clinic is a virtuous example of dental tourism: our guests, in fact, not only find a stay of health but also of wellness and recreation.

In fact, thanks to the many organized trips, Gremi’s weekends are dedicated to the discovery of the most beautiful cities in our country: the ancient town of Elbasan, Kruja and its enchanting bazaars; the waterfront of Durrës where you can enjoy an excellent seafood lunch; and also the many castles and Mount Dajt for a rejuvenating walk at high altitude.

Food, markets, enchanted beaches, affordable prices and innovative services … Tirana is now among the favorite tourist destinations for being modern and rich in history at the same time.

Watch some videos of our excursions! And come discover Tirana together with Gremi Clinic: health and wellness in a unique formula!


 Free accommodation for 2 people (patient + companion) for the entire duration of the treatment.

 Reception at the airport on arrival and transfer on departure.

 Assistance in English in the clinic and at leisure for the duration of treatment.

 A cell phone for you with an Albanian sim.


 Free accommodation for 2 people (patient + companion) for the entire duration of the treatment.

 Reception at the airport on arrival and transfer on departure.

 Assistance in English in the clinic and at leisure for the duration of treatment.

 A cell phone for you with an Albanian sim.

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