Gremi Clinic testimonials

Bell Edwards

The best quality, at the best price I could find! 🤩👉🏻Bell Edwards chose Gremi Clinic for her new smile. 🙂Our American patient spent only 1/4 of the price they quoted her in the USA for a very high quality result! 🥳Here’s what she told us 👇🏻
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James Wilson

“I never had good teeth, even when I was a kid. I don’t know the feeling of having a beautiful smile. But now it’s finally my turn!”
😊James came from the United States to Gremi Clinic to find the smile he had always dreamed of 🥰⬇️

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Francinete Gomes Da Silva

I feel a great sense of joy! 🥰Finally I can smile, I can eat… I am free to live to the fullest! For our English patient Francinete, 👉there is no doubt about it. I have solved my dental problems thanks to Gremi Clinic! 🙏Kindness, cleanliness and professionalism at its best! 👇

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Mohammed Afzal Mirza

🏆😄I have been to many clinics in my life, but without a doubt this is the best! “Every day we open the doors of Gremi Clinic to you with the utmost transparency and Mohammed has chosen our Clinic also thanks to the many testimonials we share with you! What have we achieved for him?🤗 👉We placed 8 implants, without any pain, thanks to conscious sedation and in 8 months we will meet again to give him a final smile 100% in zirconium 😁🦷

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Bell Edwards

Towards a new smile👌 After the🔎first free visit and a personalized care plan, our patient Bell Edwards from the United States has accomplished the next step to a brand new smile.✔2 Titanium Implants in the Upper Arch, ✔1 Mini maxillary sinus elevation, and✔1 Large maxillary sinus elevation.
Call her at: +15037070190

Grazia Guadagnino

We had a GREAT time from the first moment …

Francesca Salerno

I had problems in four years I lost my teeth having periodontitis and I lost them everyone and luckily I found this clinic where I had a great time …
Thanks to #GremiClinic I SAVE more than 100% compared to Germany

Eva Penna

They treat us as if I were in the family, they never leave us alone… I have saved more than half, than they asked me in Italy.

Nicola Cosi (Morciano Di Leuca, Puglia)

I didn’t know where to head because I had some complex interventions to do. Then some friends talked to me about Travel and Smile and I was very happy with the choice I made. I performed complex operations and after 2 hours I ate without any problems. I did all my teeth and I verified that all the materials are of high quality and for the implants they release even an implant passport. The medical team is fantastic, as all the staff. I recommend this experience to everyone.

Tel: 3475459068 –  fb

Leopoldo Sasso (Belgium, Bruxelles)

It is a 5-star hotel not just a clinic. 100% cleanliness and I did 7 implants without pain while my wife had dental veneers. Great professionalism, savings and …

Tel: +32 486 691 939