Gremi Clinic testimonials

Terence Anderton

Today a new super British smile. 👉Our patient Terence chose Gremi Clinic. “I saved 1/3 compared to other clinics but most of all I found a friendly and highly professional approach! The cherry on top? A nice ride along Tirana’s Lake…what a view! Let’s listen to his story.

Bell Edwards

The best quality, at the best price I could find! 🤩👉🏻Bell Edwards chose Gremi Clinic for her new smile. 🙂Our American patient spent only 1/4 of the price they quoted her in the USA for a very high quality result! 🥳Here’s what she told us 👇🏻
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James Wilson

“I never had good teeth, even when I was a kid. I don’t know the feeling of having a beautiful smile. But now it’s finally my turn!”
😊James came from the United States to Gremi Clinic to find the smile he had always dreamed of 🥰⬇️

Call him at: +19032756559

Francinete Gomes Da Silva

I feel a great sense of joy! 🥰Finally I can smile, I can eat… I am free to live to the fullest! For our English patient Francinete, 👉there is no doubt about it. I have solved my dental problems thanks to Gremi Clinic! 🙏Kindness, cleanliness and professionalism at its best! 👇

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Bell Edwards

Towards a new smile👌 After the🔎first free visit and a personalized care plan, our patient Bell Edwards from the United States has accomplished the next step to a brand new smile.✔2 Titanium Implants in the Upper Arch, ✔1 Mini maxillary sinus elevation, and✔1 Large maxillary sinus elevation.
Call her at: +15037070190

Grazia Guadagnino

We had a GREAT time from the first moment …

Francesca Salerno

I had problems in four years I lost my teeth having periodontitis and I lost them everyone and luckily I found this clinic where I had a great time …
Thanks to #GremiClinic I SAVE more than 100% compared to Germany

Eva Penna

They treat us as if I were in the family, they never leave us alone… I have saved more than half, than they asked me in Italy.

Nicola Cosi (Morciano Di Leuca, Puglia)

I didn’t know where to head because I had some complex interventions to do. Then some friends talked to me about Travel and Smile and I was very happy with the choice I made. I performed complex operations and after 2 hours I ate without any problems. I did all my teeth and I verified that all the materials are of high quality and for the implants they release even an implant passport. The medical team is fantastic, as all the staff. I recommend this experience to everyone.

Tel: 3475459068 –  fb

Leopoldo Sasso (Belgium, Bruxelles)

It is a 5-star hotel not just a clinic. 100% cleanliness and I did 7 implants without pain while my wife had dental veneers. Great professionalism, savings and …

Tel: +32 486 691 939