Gremi Clinic on M6

The Gremi Clinic is this time in the attention of the famous French television channel M6. In a long documentary about Albania, in the show Exclusive Enquête, the famous journalist Bernard de la Villardière looks at our structure as a success case, for dental care and the service of hundreds of French patients.

Gremi Clinic & Albania in CNN International

Gremi Clinic was chosen by CNN International among the 25 best facilities in the world for a cycle of documentaries on the excellence of health tourism. (The documentary was aired in April 2020, the shooting was done in October 2019, therefore before the covid )

Turismo dentale - perche’ sempre piu’ italiani scelgono l’Albania?

To the microphones of LA GABBIA, a transmission of LA7 conducted by Gianluigi Paragone, Rosanna Savino and Maurizio Mangano explain how at the Viaggiare e Sorridere clinic in Albania it was possible to save 18,000 euros compared to the amount they had budgeted for in Italy.

Millionaire - Traveling and Smiling, Albania as you've never seen it before

Millionaire guides us to discover Albania with Viaggiare e Sorridere, a successful dental and aesthetic clinic that has satisfied over 12,000 patients from all over Europe since 2009 and currently welcomes over 1,500 patients a year.

Travel and Smile in Albania - medical excellence at the best price

Who would have bet on Albania? In just a few years, the former gray communist country has radically changed its face becoming, ironically, an essential destination for those who want to realize their beauty desires thanks to the high quality of aesthetic and dental treatments at competitive prices. Plus offered by Traveling and Smiling in Albania.

Why did over 12,000 patients choose the Tirana dental clinic founded in 2009 by Dritan Gremi?

Travel and Smile in Albania - medical excellence at the best price

In Albania at the low cost dentist? No Traveling and Smiling represents Albanian medical excellence. A state-of-the-art dental clinic that welcomes over 150 patients from all over Europe every month attracted by …

Gremi Clinic in Tirana – the new capital of beauty and smile

More beautiful on holiday with a 50% savings? Where in Tirana with Viaggiare e Sorridere, a dental and aesthetic clinic that has skilfully combined medical excellence and personalized tourist services since 2009

Traveling and Smiling: the dream of Gremi, son of the boat generation

Dritan Gremi, after the work experience gained in Italy, returned to his homeland giving life to his own company, “Viaggiare & Sorridere”, which combines the offer of dental care and aesthetics at much lower prices than those practiced in the country that welcomed him and to those of the rest of Europe. Now he is the one who gives work to many Italian graduates and diplomats and treats the many patients who every month …

Gremi Clinic: medical excellence in Albania

“Gremi Clinic in Albania” – Every year more than 1,500 patients a year come from Italy, France, Switzerland and England to find their smile and realize their beauty desires.

To the east for a top smile

Excellent dental care and personalized tourist services for “Traveling and Smiling in Albania”, this is the name of the company founded in 2009 by Dritan Gremi which since 2009 has returned the smile to over 12,000 patients arriving from all over Europe.

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