Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis

Fixed dental prostheses or dental crowns

The dental prostheses are used to replace the natural teeth and to improve dental aesthetics, when the teeth are damaged, but still recoverable.

The dental crowns are artificial restorations that permanently replace broken, lost or chipped teeth. They are coatings that go beyond the original tooth. Crowns can be of zirconium ceramic, ceramic metal, ceramic gold or full-ceramic.

In addition to replace a tooth to perfection, they are also able to replicate its natural beauty. Fixed dental prostheses include crowns and bridges fixed on natural teeth and those fixed on integrated bone implants. They are permanent dental prostheses: they are cemented to natural teeth or artificial roots and they cannot be removed.

Fixed dental prostheses into natural teeth

protesi dentali

Named in the colloquial language “bridge”, this prosthesis is cemented on natural teeth, which serve as a pillar.

For the dental prostheses on natural teeth we use metal-ceramic or zirconium-ceramic crowns.

On the natural teeth, which must support the artificial tooth, crowns are applied on the inner sides, in the middle of which will be inserted the missing tooth.

Fixed dental prostheses on implants

When several teeth are missing, a solution is the fixed prosthesis cemented on an implant, placed on an artificial root to which the replacement tooth is secured.

The best implant is the one osseointegrated, created in titanium, a metal that blends into the bone.

The implants integrated in the mandibular and maxillary bone allow a complete stability of the dental prosthesis.


Go back to smiling and chewing your favorite foods in complete safety


Prosthesis All on 8

The All on 8 prosthesis are made of 8 dental implant for each dental jaw. It is an optimal procedure for patients who have lost at least 80% of natural teeth. The implants support a fixed (or permanent) dental bridge of 12-14 teeth.

At First the implants will be inserted into the jaw, with a temporary prosthesis. Then a dental bridge or an overdenture removable prosthesis is connected. The operation requires 2 to 4 hours.


Prosthesis All on 6

The All on 6 prosthesis are permanents prosthesis that use 6 dental implants for each dental jaw.

In one session – or in any case within 24 hours – the patient will have temporary teeth, which will then be replaced about 3 months after surgery, with the definitive prosthesis.

all on 6

Advantages and benefits of All on 8 and All on 6 prostheses

Unlike the removable prostheses and fixed bridges, which rest on the gum or use adjacent natural teeth as anchors, the prostheses All on 8 are inserted into the jaw.
The artificial roots of prostheses are stables just like natural roots.
They improve chewing, and any other oral activity like swallowing or talking.
The intervention does not last long and the recovery time is rapid.
The prostheses are identical to natural teeth and you can smile again just like before.

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