Dental crowns

Dental crowns

Dental crowns

The dental crowns are prosthetic caps positioned above the teeth to restore the shape, size and function of teeth.

To make a dental crown we first take the imprint of the affected dental arch, then we will patch the tooth so we could fit the crown. Initially, before the final crown is completed, we put in a temporary one, with which you can chew without any problems.


When You Need a Dental Crown

There may be several cases in which you may need dental crowns:

Root canal treatment:
if you have a tooth with deep caries that cannot be treated with a simple filling, then that tooth should be devitalized. A crown will then be placed there.
a dental crown can improve the appearance of a particularly discolored or even chipped tooth.
Cracked teeth:
they are risked teeth, which can break definitively if they’re not protected with a dental crown.
After a dental implant:
the implant replaces the natural root of the tooth. Above the implant a dental crown is placed to complete the total restoration of the missing tooth.

Dental crown materials

Which material should you choose for dental crowns? Ceramic metal, simple ceramic, semi-noble ceramic or zirconium? The choice is obviously linked to your budget and your desires.Actually dental crowns in zirconium are the best choice to replace the missing teeth, as they have several advantages compared to ceramic metal, simple ceramic and semi-noble ceramic crowns.

Dental crowns in ceramic metal:
they are formed by an internal metal structure covered with ceramic. They are very aesthetic and resistant.
Dental crowns in simple ceramic:
They are made of porcelain or ceramic, suitable for patients with metal allergies.
Zirconium dental crowns:
they are the most resistant crowns and are also 100% biocompatible. Zirconium also has a long durability and is especially suitable for posterior dental crowns, where it is produced more pressure during chewing.

Go back to smiling and chewing your favorite foods in complete safety

Dental crowns - Before and after


How to take care of dental crowns

Taking care of dental crowns must become a habit: the artificial crown protects your tooth or replaces it because you have lost the natural one. You must therefore have a rigorous and daily care of your teeth.

Always brush them after meals.
Always use dental floss or a dental pipe cleaner every day.
Rinse periodically with a mouthwash.
Avoid chewing too hard foods.
Have your teeth and dental crowns checked by your dentist at least every 6 months.

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