About Us

About Us

Gremi Clinic

Gremi Clinic with the dentist in Albania is an excellence dental clinic located in Tirana, specialized in painless computer guided and traditional implantology, dental bone regeneration, periodontologyprosthesisdental aestheticsorthodontics, gnathology.

Our dental team composed by 13 dental and maxillofacial surgeons, is specialized in various branches of dentistry at the most prestigious universities in Europe and USA.

Dentisti in Albania

Why rely on the staff of dentists in Albania?

Since 2009 we have returned the smile to over 12,000 patients, who have come to our clinic from all over Europe. Results that allowed us to attract the attention of Televisions and newspapers such as La7, Forbes, Il Sole 24 Ore, Corriere della Sera, MarieClaire, Marco Polo Viaggi, Yahoo Finanza, Infomagazine, etc.

Gremi Clinic

Gremi Clinic in Albania- A cutting-edge clinic

We are a modern dental clinic, equipped with the latest technologies and equipment to guarantee our patients the best treatments, with a personalized approach to solve their dental problems, even the most complex ones.

We use top quality dental products made in Italy and Germany for dental implants, crowns, aesthetic veneers, with warranty, CE certification and implant passports (documents that allows you to trace the origin and verify the quality).

Patient care

Specific medical procedures for dentophobic patients or with various types of disabilities.


From 2009 to today we have returned the smile to beyond 13,000 patients.

Certified dentists

Our medical staff is able to solve any dental health problem.

Premium Quality

We use top quality dental products, all made in Italy and Germany.

Our Team

Medical excellence across the border: discover our staff

We are a team of dentistry professionals: in our clinic they operate dentists, assistants and dental technicians with professional competence that offer dental services in Albania of high quality and in total safety and hygiene.

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