Painless dental implants

Painless dental implants

Painless dental implants- Computer guided implantology

Is it possible to insert painless dental implants? Nowadays the painless implantology is a reality, thanks to an advanced technic and a modern procedure that allow the insertion of dental implants without cuts and sutures.

3D virtual simulation of intervention

Nowadays with modern and sophisticated software, our specialists can plan the entire procedure and you can have dental implants inserted painlessly.

Using 3D digital images, the specialist can perform the intervention with the guarantee of a 100% success rate.

These images allow the dentist to visualize the position of the implants, so they could insert them, with an extreme precision, in areas of high bone density, thus eliminating any error.


How does computer-guided implantology works

The insertion of dental implant with the computerized procedure provides 3 phases:

A CT scan to produce a detailed 3D image of the bone structure of the jaw.
By studying the image with a software, the specialist will evaluate the structure of the jaw and simulate the insertion of the implant and the prosthetic structure until reaching the desired result.
Surgical mask
The simulation file will allow to produce a specific surgical mask to be applied in the patient’s mouth, a sort of guide that the specialist will use to insert the implant, exactly as he had planned on the computer.

The virtual simulation is the most important aspect of this technique, so that dental implants can be inserted painlessly to patients: it allows us to have every detail of the operation to be performed, avoiding any risk for you and obtaining a millimeter precision. Above all, the simulation can be performed over and over again, until the dentist gets the desired result.

Go back to smiling and chewing your favorite foods in complete safety

Benefits of computer guided implantology

Obviously the greatest benefit for the patient is having his dental implants without pain, which remains one of the major concerns of those who have to face implantology treatments.

More accurate, precise and less invasive interventions.
Faster intervention.
Reduction of intervention times.
Faster rehabilitation.
Elimination of errors.
Prevention of surgical risk.
Post-operative pain reduction.
No sutures, no stitches, no swelling.

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