Invisalign Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that allows you to correct a series of dental defects: chipped, crooked, poorly positioned or more than normal, jaw bones that are too large or small.

These anomalies, besides causing cosmetic and masticatory problems, they increase the risk of pyorrhea, because they make the dental hygiene more difficult.

Our dentists, specialized in orthodontics, will correct your dental problems by giving you a smile and a perfect chewing.

Ortodonzia in Albania

In general, the targets of orthodontics are:

  1. To ensure the correct alignment of the teeth
  2. To improve masticatory function
  3. To improve and maintain the dental health
  4. To give a good smile appearance
  5. To close wide interdental spaces
  6. To give back to the patient a normal smile

How our orthodontists work?

A first visit to our center will allow our dentists to provide a complete diagnosis of your dental problems, so as to be able to execute a specific treatment for orthodontic therapies.

The dentist must obtain a complete and detailed vision of your dental situation, through a series of procedures, such as, for example, orthopanoramics (in practice an x-ray of the dental arch) and the dental imprint (which is a real cast that reproduces teeth and gums).

The invisible Invisalign aligner: a mini-invasive advanced technology

Nowadays, the traditional fixed appliances – unpleasant and non-aesthetic, due to the metal plates fixed on the teeth – have been replaced by a new and innovative technology: the invisible Invisalign aligner.

Thanks to this type of device you can finally say goodbye to wires and plaques and correct your teeth without stress or embarrassment.

The invisible Invisalign aligner has a series of removable transparent aligners’ custom made with a 3D imprint of your mouth.

How is Invisaling made?

  1. One of our orthodontists will take an x-ray of your dental arches and take the imprint of each dental arch.
  2. Based on that data, the laboratory will create a computer model of your teeth.
  3. Based on that model will be realized aligners precisely calibrated on your teeth.

How does Invisaling work?

The orthodontist who will follow you will give you a set of aligners that you will wear for about two weeks, removing them only for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth and when using dental floss.

You will then replace those aligners with another series. Your teeth will then begin to move gradually until they are perfectly aligned in their correct position.

The 4 advantages of the revolutionary Invisalign technology

  1. It’s invisible: no one will know that you have a dental aligner, because Invisalign is invisible to the naked eye thanks to the aligners, innovative transparent shells that will cover your teeth correcting their shape and position progressively until you get the desired result.
  2. It’s removable: you can easily remove the invisible Invisalign aligner to eat, drink, brush or floss and reposition it with light pressure on the teeth and jaws.
  3. Gives immediate results: the alignment of the teeth improves immediately. While waiting for the treatment to be finished, you can immediately enjoy a more beautiful smile.
  4. It’s comfortable: thanks to its smooth edges Invisalign integrates perfectly inside the mouth, without causing irritation to the cheeks and gums.
apparecchio invisibile

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