Gremi Clinic testimonials

On this page you can find many reviews on Gremi Clinic with dentists in Albania for implantology, prosthetic and dental aesthetic procedures performed at our dental clinic in Tirana.

Braddon Rininger

Our best advertisement is your smiles and your words of happiness and gratitude. Would our American patient Braddon be any happier than this, Gremi Clinic? No doubt about it…simply the BEST, an oasis of happiness and positivity…we have been tracking his journey from his arrival to the final result!
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Terence Anderton

Today a new super British smile. 👉Our patient Terence chose Gremi Clinic. “I saved 1/3 compared to other clinics but most of all I found a friendly and highly professional approach! The cherry on top? A nice ride along Tirana’s Lake…what a view! Let’s listen to his story.

Bell Edwards

The best quality, at the best price I could find! 🤩👉🏻Bell Edwards chose Gremi Clinic for her new smile. 🙂Our American patient spent only 1/4 of the price they quoted her in the USA for a very high quality result! 🥳Here’s what she told us
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James Wilson

I come from Texas and I don’t think there can be a better clinic than this! I saved 20000/25000 dollars and found a top clinic. 👉 Let’s listen to James’ testimony
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