Immediate loading implantology

Immediate loading implantology

The immediate-loading implantology, as its name suggests, it refers to a technique that allows the crowns to be quickly fixed (the teeth that replace the natural teeth that have been lost) on the implants.

The traditional dental implant involve the restoration of teeth after a period ranging from 3 to 6 months: this procedure has the disadvantage of leaving the patient without teeth or with a removable prosthesis in the meantime.

An alternative for this procedure is the immediate loading implantology: new dental implants are inserted after a decidedly shorter time and can be subjected to the masticatory force without any problem. However, a wait of a few days is necessary for the production of the fixed prosthesis.

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Benefits of the immediate loading implantology


If this technique is appropriate for the patient, the immediate loading dental implants have several advantages. The first is obviously a minimum waiting time to obtain the restoration of the missing teeth.

Moreover, with this technique the patient will have to undergo only one surgery instead of two and having new functional teeth the same day is certainly a convenient choice.

The gums adapt better to the crown: since it was placed immediately in the implant, the gums adapt and grow around it, making the implant look like a natural tooth.


Immediate loading implantology: the step by step procedure

How is it possible to have a dental implant in one day? We will now explain in detail all the phases of the immediate loading implantology.

The first step is a visit to the dentist: a consultation that will allow to our specialist know your dental and medical history, through a set of questions.

Then there will be some diagnostic tests, like X-rays, TAC scanner, an indoor photography of your mouth. The results of these tests will give the specialist a general and complete picture of your dental situation and will be able to have a model of your teeth done.

Now it begins the phases of the immediate loading implantology: at first we will do the anesthesia, that it could be local.

The specialist will fix the implant into the jaw. It’s a pretty quick passage. Then it will connect the crown of the dental implant.

You may experience a little bit of pain when the effect of anesthesia disappears, but the dentist will prescribe you some painkillers and ice packs to reduce pain.


Immediate loading implantology: When is it possible?

If you have an adequate density and thickness of the mandibular and maxillary bone and therefore a bone reconstruction is not necessary to insert the implants, you can always benefit from the immediate loading implantology.
In some cases you can benefit from this technique even if you need a bone reconstruction for the implant placement.

Before choosing this type of implantology, our specialist will assess your situation accurately and decide if you can benefit from it. Immediate loading implantology is an effective and functional technique, but it depends on the condition of your teeth.

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All the advantages of immediate loading implantology with guided computer surgery

Fixed teeth in 72 hours: you can smile again at friends and relatives and eat your favorite foods in their company right away.
Guaranteed success: thanks to a special software the surgeon will be able to simulate and plan your intervention in every phase and operate in maximum safety.
Aesthetics: with the immediate loading you will have your normal dentition in a very short time.
Painless, without cuts and scars: unlike the traditional implantology, computer-guided surgery does not include cutting and subsequent suturing of the gingiva for the implant placement.
Save time and money: the treatment period with the immediate loading implantology is much shorter than with deferred loading implantology, as well as the recovery times they are almost immediate.
Ideal for diabetics and heart disease when it’s performed with the computer guided implantology, implant technique that does not provide the presence of cuts or stitches.

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