Dental implants prices

Dental implants prices

Planning a dental intervention is not a choice that is taken lightly, let alone in one day.
Some patients we welcome to Gremi Clinic tell us that it took them months, sometimes years, to find the right clinic! There are many factors that hold them back: exorbitant estimates, bad experiences, fear of the dentist or, again, long times which inevitably increase costs.

If you have had experiences of this type and want to replace a fallen tooth, put a prosthesis or a dental implant, perhaps you have not yet considered going to a dental clinic abroad. You must know that in Albania, prices are considerably cheaper and savings, thanks to a preferential taxation, can reach up to 50%!

Obviously, abroad too there are clinics and clinics, so it is important to take into consideration a number of elements. Gremi Clinic has been operating in the field of dental health for twelve years with over 15,000 satisfied patients.


Our strength is to combine Convenience with Quality.

In fact, we are talking about certified dental products with a European implant passport to guarantee the traceability of the product!

But before delving into other aspects, here are the prices you wanted to know!

Prezzi degli impianti in titanio

A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium screw that replaces the tooth root. It is a safe method, capable of guaranteeing you safe and aesthetically perfect chewing.

Furthermore, in Gremi Clinic, our professionals use computer-guided technology and this allows us to intervene with the utmost precision, significantly reducing the times of an intervention (immediate loading in 72 HOURS).

Ceramic dental veneers installation

At Gremi Clinic, you can have titanium dental implants starting from 360 euros, yes you got it right! But that's not all, our quotes include a series of benefits that only a maxi structure like ours can offer:

Free stay for you and a companion
Free transportation from/to Tirana Airport
Access to a structure equipped with restaurant services, lounge area, bar.
Trips organized during free time (weekends)
Reception in English language
Continuous assistance in every moment of your treatment path

Go back to smiling and chewing your favorite foods in complete safety

Prices of fixed dental prostheses

Total Fixed Prosthesis in Zirconium without false Gingiva

All on 6

  • 6 Titanium implants
  • 12 Teeth in Zirconium
  • Free stay for 2 people
  • Certified and CE Guaranteed Materials
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Aesthetically Perfect Result
  • No maintenance costs
Euro 4500

All on 8

  • 6 Titanium implants
  • 12 Teeth in Zirconium
  • Free stay for 2 people
  • Certified and CE Guaranteed Materials
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Aesthetically Perfect Result
  • No maintenance costs
Euro 4500

NON è una protesi ALL ON 4

  • Problemi di stabilità della protesi
  • Estetica (Gengiva finta)
  • Accumulo di residui di cibo sotto la protesi
  • Costi di manutenzione

Per completare il dente artificiale che sostituirà il dente perduto sull’impianto dentale la procedura che eseguiamo è quella di montare un moncone e una protesi dentale fissa. Per i pazienti che hanno perso molti denti, consigliamo l’implantologia All on 6: un’intera arcata dentale fissata su sei impianti! Con Gremi Clinic il prezzo della protesi dentale fissa All on 6 in zirconio di altissima qualità ( è di soli 4500 Euro)

I vantaggi di un soggiorno in Gremi Clinic:

Carico immediato ( 72 ore)
Professionisti esperti, pronti ad intervenire anche nelle situazioni più complesse ( ad esempio, in compresenza di patologie come diabete o problemi cardiaci)
Tecnologia Computer Guidata per interventi di precisione
Risultati garantiti al 100%
Passaporto implantare ( garanzia di qualità)

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