Conscious Sedation: Treat Your Teeth Without Pain

Conscious Sedation: Treat Your Teeth Without Pain

Conscious Sedation: Treat Your Teeth Without Pain

Imagine having to undergo a complex dental procedure, such as a bone graft, an extraction or the insertion of one or more dental implants. They are invasive interventions, which require full cooperation between patient and dentist.

Above all, they are interventions to be performed in a comfortable environment for the patient: in short, the patient should not feel even the slightest pain. For this type of interventions in dentistry, the so-called conscious sedation has been introduced.

What is Conscious Sedation?

The conscious sedation is a modern technology introduced in dentistry, which allows the patient to receive dental care while awake, but at the same time to be extremely relaxed.

How Does Conscious Sedation Work?

The conscious sedation   allows the dentist to perform a variety of dental treatments safely and also comfortable for the patient. With conscious sedation you remain conscious during the surgery, but most likely you will not remember anything after “awakening”.

The sensation that occurs in conscious sedation is similar to the first stage of sleep, that is, when you are about to fall asleep: you are therefore incapable of anxiety, of feeling fear, of being worried about the dental procedure you are undergoing. And, of course, you won’t experience any pain.

You are still awake, so you can see and hear, but you are in a state of complete relaxation, of total tranquility and you will be able to respond to a few requests from the dentist.

The Benefits of Conscious Sedation

There are many benefits to conscious sedation, including:

  • as mentioned, no pain during dental treatment;
  • no memory of the surgery;
  • it really works: you will be really relaxed during dental treatment;
  • no sensation of sounds or smells (many patients are afraid of the noise of the drill, for example, or even of the typical smell of drugs used in dental offices);
  • time savings: complex dental treatments, which often require multiple appointments in the dental office, with conscious sedation are carried out in one or two visits;
  • no anxiety about the surgery.

When to Require Conscious Sedation?

There are many patients who ask their dentist to be sedated with this technique during dental treatment. But for which patients is it really indicated or, better still, recommended?

  • Dental phobic patients: patients who are afraid of going to the dentist. The fear of the dentist is so strong that they usually even avoid making an appointment. In these cases, knowing the possibility of requesting conscious sedation, they reassure themselves beforehand.
  • Patients with complex dental problems: a series of extractions, for example, or the insertion of multiple dental implants.
  • Patients with previous traumatic dental experiences: the experience lived in past dental visits greatly influences the decisions and expectations of patients. Indeed, previous experiences are precisely one of the causes of the fear of the dentist.
  • Patients with pharyngeal reflex: natural spasm, which counteracts the introduction of foreign objects into the oral cavity. In some patients it is very pronounced, making it impossible to perform any dental treatment.
  • Patients with a very low pain threshold: they may have particularly sensitive teeth and therefore feel pain even when no anesthesia is needed.
  • Very elderly patients or patients with mental disabilities: in these cases there cannot be full cooperation between doctor and patient and conscious sedation is the only way to be able to carry out the necessary dental treatments.

How Does Conscious Sedation Occur?

In our Travel and Smile clinic we practice intravenous conscious sedation: anxiolytic drugs and painkillers are administered intravenously. This mode gives faster results, the patient does not notice the time that passes and is completely relaxed.

Do You Need Conscious Sedation for Dental Care?

If you think you are falling into any of the above cases, contact us today. Our dental clinic offers conscious sedation dental care and we will give you the information you request.

Where is a dentist abroad convenient?

The country to go to for dental treatment is the first choice to make.

What to consider next?

Professional dental care at a reasonable price. Reasonable means you can save 40-50%.

Let’s start from the first point:  the foreign country to reach.

We have seen that one of the most sought after requirements by patients is the proximity of the country to go to. If you consider that an air trip still requires an hour of check-in time and more time to get to the airport, the time to spend on the plane must be minimal. Albania, for example, is only a 3 hour flight from every London Airport


Albania and Croatia – countries that are 3 hours or so away from the UK by plane – are in fact the most popular destinations for dental tourism.

What about professional dental care? If you decide to go abroad, then you have to search online for the sites of the various dental clinics. A self-respecting clinic, in addition to having a website in English, must guarantee you expert medical specialists. Look at their qualifications, read their CV. These are important details that will make you understand the seriousness of the dental clinic.

Now let’s move on to reasonable prices. Why reasonable and not low? The clinic that offers its dental services at low prices gives a wrong idea of ​​itself and its dentists. The low price is always associated with a consequent saving on materials and drugs used and on dental instruments. It is certainly not what the patient is looking for.

Do not be enchanted by those who save you 70 or 80% on the dental care you would have in the UK. That saving is too high.

In Albania, savings reach 50%, a reasonable saving, therefore, because the country has a reduced tax rate compared to other countries and can therefore offer dental services at lower prices.

Why is a Dentist Abroad Worthwhile?

The first answer that surely came to your mind is: to save money!

Of course, as we have seen, getting treated by a dentist abroad will save you money, as long as all the other requirements you have read are met.

We now give you a short list of reasons why you should choose a dentist abroad for dental care, in addition to saving money:

  • High Dental Care Standards: You will find dental clinics with state-of-the-art technology and specialists who have worked and specialized internationally.
  • Certified materials and tools: at the hygienic-sanitary level the clinics are adapted to the European Union regulations.
  • No waiting: a foreign private dental clinic gives you an appointment in a short time.
  • Great connections: you will reach the dental clinic and your hotel with an Italian-speaking guide.
  • Free consultation: both before treatment, when you contact them online, and after.
  • Free hotel stay: some clinics also offer a free stay to your companion.
  • Continuous assistance: you will be constantly followed throughout the dental treatment and you will also have assistance in your free moments, if necessary.
  • Tour Guide: You will have a guide for leisure sightseeing tours.

If you are thinking of hiring a dentist abroad, ask us for all the information you want about our dental clinic.


In every phase of your STAY in TIRANA you will receive MAXIMUM PROTECTION

WELCOME at the AIRPORT (you will be welcomed by our staff equipped with gloves and masks) STAY at our HOTEL and BOARD at our RESTAURANT

To protect your health, in all our facilities we scrupulously adopt SPECIFIC DENTAL PROTOCOLS imposed by the World Health Organization

Free Services Included in the Cost of dental Care

  •  Free stay for 2 persons (patient + companion) 20 meters away from the clinic at the Hotel Serenity, property of “Travel and Smile”.
  • Reception at the airport upon arrival and departure.
  • English Assistance in clinic and in your free time for the whole duration of the dental care
  • A cellphone with an Albanian sim for you.

Free Services Included in the Cost of dental Care

  •  Free stay for 2 persons (patient + companion) 20 meters away from the clinic at the Hotel Serenity, property of “Travel and Smile”.
  • Reception at the airport upon arrival and departure.
  • English Assistance in clinic and in your free time for the whole duration of the dental care
  • A cellphone with an Albanian sim for you.

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