The advantages of a Premium Dental Clinic: Entrust your smile to a team with the best Maxillofacial Surgeons

The advantages of a Premium Dental Clinic: Entrust your smile to a team with the best Maxillofacial Surgeons

There are many different types of dental clinics, even abroad. The differences between low-cost and premium clinics are many, first and foremost, the competence of the surgeon who will perform your dental implant surgery.

Why should you choose a maxillofacial surgeon over a dentist for your dental surgery?

But what is a maxillofacial surgeon and what does he/she do? We are talking about a professional who is specialized in surgical interventions involving the facial bones, precisely the maxillary and mandibular bone.

A 5-year specialization that can only be accessed by those with a degree in surgery. On the other hand, oral dental surgery is a different matter: oral surgery is a 3-year, odontostomatologic specialty, i.e., reserved exclusively for graduates of dentistry and dental prosthetics.

Having maxillofacial surgeons available for dental procedures is a decidedly exclusive service. In fact, in most dental clinics, abroad but also in the UK, the dentist who is not specialized in maxillofacial surgery is the one who performs the intervention directly.

But is it particularly important to have this practice available? Although it is not mandatory, it is definitely recommended, even more in cases where sinus lift and bone augmentation are needed.

Especially in cases of osseointegration and where there is a lack of bone, the maxillofacial surgeon intervenes to place implants safely and permanently

Providing to patients, surgeons with such competence is obviously a cost for a Dental Clinic but it is also one of the main differences between Premium Clinics, such as the Gremi Clinic, and so-called low-cost Clinics.

Being able to benefit from maxillofacial surgeons is, in fact, an undisputed guarantee in terms of the success of the interventions. It is not by chance that we speak of a success rate of more than 98% of surgeries, which is witnessed every day by the characters of the smiles who share their stories with our Community on the website and on our social media channels.

When you choose a dental clinic, make sure you have a maxillofacial surgeon who will perform your intervention-we'll explain why

Patients do not always know how to differentiate among the different professionals involved in implant dentistry. For many people, the word “dentist” sums up the many skills involved in the field of dental surgery.

Let’s get this straight, we are not talking about “abuse of the profession” as the dentist is also authorized to perform implant surgeries however, the maxillofacial surgeon, assures the procedure is performed by a professional who has been perfected over the years, during his or her medical studies and through masters and graduate schools, in everything that affects the facial bones.

Maxillofacial surgeons generally are accustomed to much more complex procedures than dental implantology, including interventions involving the facial bone structures, such as fractures or trauma, for example, and this is why they work in hospital-based health facilities. Being able to have these figures in a Dental Clinic is, therefore, a synonym for greater safety of the interventions and allows them to intervene in less time and with less pain at the expense of the patients.

High-level surgical technology for minimally invasive and pain-free surgeries

In fact, this type of professionals masters even the most delicate situations to perfection and is able to make use of modern technologies such as computer-guided implantology, which allows minimally invasive, high-precision procedures without using a scalpel. It is thus, possible, to achieve generally in two sessions, six months apart, the complete placement of the patient’s implants.

The technological innovation in the field of maxillofacial surgery (computer-assisted surgery, virtual reality, robotic surgery and 3D printing) allows:

Faster recovery times
Fewer complications
Improved patient satisfaction

Innovative but we know that the eye also wants its share. Surgeries performed by maxillofacial professionals also allow for maximum aesthetic success. Therefore, in addition to being the most successful surgeries in terms of masticatory and structural function, they are also those that minimize blemishes to give the patient a natural gum and the new teeth effect.

At Gremi Clinic, you will always have a maxillofacial surgeon who will take care of your smile

Gremi has been a synonym for quality and reliability for over twelve years; this is also thanks to our maxillofacial surgeons who are always present in dental implant surgeries.

From the initial evaluation phase, the patient meets the surgeon who explains the most suitable surgery plan for his case and will take care of his work: from the bone reconstruction phase, where necessary, to the placement of the implants!

The patient is always taken care of by one of our surgeons, and this is important, especially, when bone reconstruction is needed such as in cases of more severe periodontitis.

Who are the maxillofacial surgeons of Gremi Clinic: our investment in shared success.

Our professionals have been working with Gremi Clinic on a permanent basis since 2009. They are qualified figures, holding doctorates and master’s degrees from the most prestigious European universities, working in the hospital setting, prepared for much more complex reconstructive facial surgery.

Win - win strategy: with a maxillofacial surgeon, the patient and the clinic both win

The philosophy of Gremi is to operate oriented toward maximum patient care and satisfaction. Making use of this type of professionals, allows us, in fact, to work with peace of mind even in cases of the most complex interventions and achieve the best possible results.

Let us not forget, then, that no matter how routine dental procedures are, they are still surgical procedures, so no aspect should be underestimated! The experience and expertise of the best professionals is our ally for high-level surgery to guarantee the Clinic and its patients.

Would you like to receive a free consultation from your panoramic x-ray? Gremi has enabled an online consultation mode

You can now speak with a maxillofacial surgeon at Gremi Clinic to receive an evaluation of your panoramic x-ray and your treatment plan. You can do this for free and online on our video consultation platform. Just select your preferred day and time depending on the availability of our surgeons, and you will be able to receive a no-obligation consultation so you can decide for yourself if you should come to our Clinic.

The consultation will be conducted with respect for the patient’s sensitive data to protect his or her privacy. The data will be processed exclusively to assess the patient. Gremi Clinic does not use call centers or intermediary third-party facilities, our Group is committed to ensuring respect for all guests of the Clinic and its professionals.


Our Dental Group is unique in the number and quality of procedures performed. We have a maxi-facility in the heart of Tirana that provides all the services for the patient. Discover Gremi Clinic and get to talk to one of our dental consultants.

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