All on 4 dental prostheses: Here are the risks nobody talks about

All on 4 dental prostheses: Here are the risks nobody talks about

All on 4 dental prostheses: Here are the risks nobody talks about

Those who have lost their teeth want a quick solution to restore their teeth. A single dental implant has a cost, but having multiple single implants inserted becomes very expensive, even if it is only 3 or 4 teeth to replace.

Which solution should you choose if you have lost more teeth? One of the alternatives chosen by patients is All on 4 implantology, i.e. 4 dental implants placed in the upper or lower jaw.

Fixed teeth on 4 implants: The All on 4 solution

The All on 4 is an economical solution that offers patients a fixed full arch prosthesis, so you will have the rehabilitation of a dental arch with only 4 dental implants in the anterior part, 2 of which are inclined at 45°.
On the same day of the surgery, the dentist will place a temporary bridge, waiting for osseointegration, that is, the growth of the bone around the 4 implants. Then the temporary bridge will be removed and you will have a permanent one.
So far it seems the ideal solution, and also the cheapest one, to get your teeth back, with all its functions, and to smile again as before.

Is it really so convenient to have fixed teeth on 4 implants? Now is the time to talk about the risks you will face with All on 4 implantology.

The risks of All on 4

Before thinking that fixed teeth on 4 implants are the solution to your problem of tooth loss, we list some risks to consider.

  • Stability problems: An entire dental arch, therefore 14 teeth, placed on only 4 dental implants. A titanium dental implant, we remind you, replaces the natural root of the tooth, so you will have 14 teeth anchored on only 4 roots. And, as we said before, the 4 implants are all placed in the front. Be aware that strong pressure is exerted on the teeth when chewing.
  • Accumulation of food residues under the prosthesis: Also, for this reason several food deposits will accumulate under the prosthesis, which will be difficult to eliminate, with all the problems that can cause over time. A food residue becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • A smile without gums: To replace all the teeth in a dental arch, you need to make a prosthesis with… a new gum, a synthetic, pink gum, which will be visibly different from a normal gum. There is not much difference with the classic dentures of the past.
  • 3 check-ups: This type of solution, due to the previous problems we have shown you, requires 3 check-ups.
  • Defects in speaking: This does not happen to everyone, but many patients have experienced wheezing when speaking, as was the case with old dentures.
  • Discomfort of the prosthesis: Yes, because it is a body of a certain volume present in the mouth, since it must replace all the teeth of an arch.

Fixed teeth with the All on 8

A second alternative is the All on 8 implantology, therefore fixed teeth with 8 dental implants, positioned along the jaw bone.

What are the advantages for the All on 8?

  • Greater stability of the prosthesis, of course.
  • Short healing times.
  • Fixed teeth with a single operation.
  • Fixed prosthesis on implants in just one day.
  • No defect in speaking.
  • Aesthetics identical to natural teeth.

Do you need fixed teeth?

If you want to get your teeth back, in total safety, contact us and tell us about your problem and we will be able to advise you on All on 6 or All on 8 implantology.

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