Dentist abroad: where it is convenient and why

Dentist abroad: where it is convenient and why

Have you ever thought about choosing a dentist abroad to cure your teeth? The dental tourism, as we have often written in the blog, is a phenomenon that has now taken hold for several years: more and more people are willing to travel for the dental care and the most chosen countries are Albania and Croatia.

Saving at the dentist is the desire of most patients, but a fatal mistake is to jump on the first foreign dentist you find online and blindly rely on his care.

Choosing a capable dentist abroad is the first step that you should make: not all the dentist operate following the Europeans Standards about the hygiene, the safety and the reliability of instruments and materials used.

Why it is chosen the dental tourism?

In times of crisis like these, patients seek quality dental services at lower prices than in their own country. In addition there is the advantage of a vacation abroad, and in this they see greater benefits: they combine dental care with a pleasant travel.

In what it is based the choice of patients when they decide to treat their teeth abroad? The average patient wants to find the same environment as in his own country: familiar, calm, safe, with the certainty of spending less and not making empty trips.

Factors to considerate when you’re searching a dentist abroad

A good foreign dental clinic, to gain customers, must be able to satisfy some inevitable requirements:

  • All-inclusive dental care: The patient must receive a clear and detailed estimation on all the expenses that he must face.
  • Accessible prices: you must save money compared to the same dental treatment you would receive in Italy.
  • Short waiting times: excluding the technical times of airplane travel and arrival at the clinic, you do not have to wait weeks before being able to travel for treatment.
  • Quality health care: saving it is good, but certainly not at the expense of someone’s health. The patient must find the same medical excellence, must be assisted by professional and qualified specialists. There is always the suspicion that overseas it passes over to hygienic and safety rules: the patient must therefore be guaranteed for a full hygienic treatment.
  • No language problem: the average target of patients who go abroad for dental care does not speak English fluently and certainly does not know the local language. The dental clinic must therefore provide guides and assistants who speak English.

Where it is convenient a dentist abroad?

The country that you should reach for dental cares is the first of the choices to make. What to consider then? Professional dental care at a reasonable price. Reasonable means being able to save 40-50%.

Let’s start from the first point: the foreign country to reach. We have seen that among the most sought after by patients, is the closeness of the nation to reach. If you consider that an air trip requires an hour of check-in time and more time to get to the airport, the time spent on the plane must be minimal. Albania, for example, is only 35 minutes flight from Bari (Italy) and 1 hour and a half from other cities in Italy and 2 hours and a half from other European airports, with which it is connected by some low cost direct flights.

Albania and Croatia- countries that are an hour away from Italy by plane – are in fact the most requested destinations for dental tourism.

And for the professional dental care? If you decide abroad, then you have to search online for the websites of the various dental clinics. A self-respecting clinic, besides obviously having a website in English, must guarantee you expert medical specialists. Look at their qualifications, read their CV. These are important details that will make you understand the seriousness of the dental clinic.

Now let’s move on to the reasonable prices. Why reasonable and not low cost? The clinic that offers its dental services at low prices gives a misconception of itself and its dentists. The low price is always associated with a consequent saving on the materials and drugs used and on dental instruments. Certainly not what the patient is looking for.

Don’t let yourself be enchanted by those who guarantee you a saving of 70 or 80% on dental care you would have in Italy. That saving is too high.

In Albania, savings reach 50%, a reasonable saving, therefore, because the country has a tax advantage compared to ours and can therefore offer dental services at lower prices.

Why it is convenient a dentist abroad?

The first answer that for sure came to your mind is: Saving money!

Of course, just like we have seen, to be treated at a foreign dentist will help you save money, as long as all the other requirements you have read are provided.

We will now provide you a short list of reasons why you should choose a dentist abroad for the dental treatments, apart the economic saving:

  • High standard of dental care: you will find dental clinics with cutting edge technologies and specialist that have worked and are specialized in international levels.
  • Certified Materials and Instruments: at a hygienic-sanitary level the clinics are adapted to the European Union regulations.
  • No waiting: a private foreign dental clinic provides you an appointment in a short time.
  • Excellent connections: you will reach the dental clinic and your hotel together with a guide who speaks English.
  • Free consultation: both before treatment, when you contact them online, and after.
  • Free stay in the hotel: some clinics offer a free stay for you and your companion.
  • Continuous Assistance: You will be constantly followed for the whole time of dental care and you will also have assistance in your free time, if necessary.
  • Touristic guide: you will have a guide for the touristic trips in your free time.

If you are thinking of relying on a dentist abroad, you can ask us for all the information you want about our dental clinic.

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