Fixed teeth in 24 hours – true or false?

Fixed teeth in 24 hours – true or false?

Losing the teeth has not only negative effects on the dental health (difficulty in chewing, need to adopt a particular diet, renouncing a series of foods), but also on social life (speaking difficulties, embarrassment). Therefore has both physical and psychological effects.

Who loses his teeth stops smiling, because he would show a void inside his mouth. The loss of teeth changes the appearance of the person, the cheeks are incised, the skin becomes sagging and the whole face seems suddenly aged for decades.

How to find the smile again? Is it possible to get my teeth back in 24 hours?

Fixed teeth in 24 hours: how can you have them?

Once the only solution, was the traditional denture that is a mobile prosthesis that needs several precautions (a glue that holds it in position and does not allow it to move or even to be removed during chewing or, worse, during a conversation).

Waiting times were really minimal: the patient didn’t really have fixed teeth within 24 hours, and he certainly expected just the technical time to make the dentures.

Fortunately, the modern dentistry has developed new techniques that can give new teeth to those who have lost theirs, which is more effective and above all more aesthetic and functional than the old dentures. Such as?

Implantology to regain fixed teeth

But then is it really possible to have your teeth back in only 24 hours?

Today there are many dental clinics that advertise fixed teeth during one day, but 24 hours to restore all the lost teeth are not enough, unfortunately. Yet the modern dentistry has developed a technique that can get your teeth back in, if not in 24 hours, in just 72 hours.

Three days to have all your teeth. It looks like a dream, but yet the so-called immediate loading implantology is able to realize this dream.

What is a dental implant?

We commonly talk about dental implants referring to the totally restored artificial tooth, but in reality a dental implant replaces only the tooth root: it is in fact a biocompatible titanium screw that is installed in the jaw bone.

To this screw, hollow, an abutment will be screwed on which the dentist will apply a prosthesis. And the patient finally has a new tooth that is completely identical and functional like the natural one.

Dental implantology was invented to give the patient a new set of teeth, a new smile, and a better life. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, some missing teeth or all the missing teeth.

Immediate Loading Implantology : fixed teeth in 72 hours.

Normally the patient, after the insertion of the dental implant, must wait a minimum of 3 months for osseointegration, before having the prosthesis mounted and the tooth completely restored.

Thanks to immediate loading implantology this long wait is shortened to 72 hours: the dentist will connect a temporary prosthesis (which will allow the patient to eat and talk quietly) to the implant. The 3 months of waiting will be there only for the final prosthesis, while before the patient remained 3 months without teeth.

In addition, immediate loading implantology can be totally painless. Such as?

Computer Guided Implantology

Nowadays implantology has reached a new milestone: it is called computer-guided implantology and allows dental implants to be positioned first with a digital simulation.

First of all we want to show you the advantages of this technology:

  • Immediate digital tooth replacement
  • Maximize results thanks to digital planning
  • Efficient and above all safe surgical procedures thanks to the sophisticated functionality of the computer

It is not a science fiction, but the reality of modern implantology. The gist of the speech is simple: the dentist uses the digital planning of implant placement. In this way you will have predictable results and will be able to perform the operation in total safety for the patient and very quickly. All the intervention is constantly monitored by the computer.

Fixed teeth in 24 hours: is it really possible?

No, but it is possible to have them back in 72 hours. In just 3 days you can solve your problem. If you have lost one or more teeth and want to smile again as before, our “Travel and Smile” clinic has all the new modern and advanced technologies, with instruments and materials certified according to European hygiene and safety standards.

Call us today and we’ll give you all the information you ask.

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