The Importance of the Implant Passport and Tax Receipt: Gremi Clinic, the Quality Choice for Your Perfect Smile

The Importance of the Implant Passport and Tax Receipt: Gremi Clinic, the Quality Choice for Your Perfect Smile

If you are looking for high-quality implant dentistry services, Gremi Clinic in Tirana is for you. You will get the savings typical of a foreign clinic, with the guarantee of a five-star experience.

Our clinic is distinguished from “Low – Cost” clinics by the quality of the professionals and materials we use, making it even better than many clinics in the USA and UK.

Fundamental Elements that Make Gremi Clinic Premium:

Experienced Facial Bone Augmentation Surgeons:

Our maxillofacial surgeons specialized in mandibular bone reconstruction with a precision that makes it possible to restore the original bone, ensuring excellent results.

The surgeons of the Gremi Clinic also work in the hospital setting, they are professionals particularly suitable for complex implant operations or on patients with pathologies such as periodontitis, diabetes or heart problems. Compared to the classic figure of the dentist, they are experts in incisive and delicate interventions that concern the bones of the mandible and maxilla, which are anatomically complex in themselves.

Conscious Anesthesia for a Painless Experience:

Gremi Dental Clinic offers patients conscious sedation procedures, a form of anesthesia that guarantees a pain-free and relaxing experience. This technique is strongly recommended especially to those who are afraid of the dentist or who simply want to avoid feeling uncomfortable during the treatment.

This service is not available in all dental clinics due to the higher cost of the drugs used and the anesthetists employed. At the moment it is the best form of sedation possible as it has no contraindications for the patient.

Complete and Specialized Staff:

We offer an accurate medical history and a team of expert nurses, assistants and hygienists present at every stage of the treatment process, including subsequent checks, to guarantee complete and continuous care.

Among the differences between a Premium Clinic and a Low Cost Clinic, the accuracy with the patient is followed from the anamnesis phase: important to take into account the patient’s clinical picture, up to the post-intervention phase: which requires routine checks (included in the cost of treatment) fundamental to preserving a beautiful and healthy smile.

The Implant Passport to Quality Assurance:


At Gremi Clinic you don’t go home empty-handed. Our tax receipt guarantees that the interventions have been carried out in compliance with the administrative regulations and current hygiene and health protocols. This is an important protection for the patient who will also be able to deduct the cost of expenses incurred from his tax return. The implant passport also certifies the origin of the materials and the type of implant used, guaranteeing transparency and quality.

Many Low Cost Clinics promise exclusive discounts in exchange for an “under the table” payment. This is a very incorrect practice both from an ethical point of view and, above all, towards the patient who, without a tax receipt, will find himself without protections and guarantees.

The Importance of the Tax Receipt:


The lack of a tax receipt in dental implantology abroad can pose serious risks for the patient. Opting for a clinic that issues a tax receipt, such as Gremi Clinic, offers important advantages:

    1. Certainty of Certified Systems: The tax receipt certifies the intervention, providing proof of the use of certified and safe systems.
    2. Guarantee and Protection for the Patient: With the tax receipt, the patient has the right to guarantees and protection in the event of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.
    3. Legal Protection: In the event of disputes or problems arising, the tax receipt offers proof of the intervention and the expenses incurred, protecting the patient.

Gremi Clinic is not just a dental clinic, but a maxi structure that has clinics, laboratories, hotels and services, all owned by our clinic.

We are proud to be able to offer a complete and comfortable experience to our patients, also providing extra services such as transportation and guides to discover the beauty of Albania.

Entrust your smile to Gremi Clinic, talk to our patients and find out how we can make you smile again.

Albania is a safe and fascinating destination, and with us, your smile will return to the TOP!

Protect yourself from scams of intermediary agencies. Turn to clinics that offer a video consultation with their doctors


Intermediary agencies in the dental field are a big problem for patients and Clinics. The goal of these “Call Centers” is to get you to sign the contract, earning from commissions, with no interest in the quality of the work.

Entrust your smile to Gremi Clinic, talk to our doctors and find out how we can make you smile again.

Albania is a safe and fascinating destination, and with us, your smile will return to the TOP!

Video medical consultation is an option that puts you on the safe side. Gremi Clinic guarantees high-quality pathways through video consultations that allow you to get to know your doctor, review your treatment plan, and get essential information to make informed decisions.

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