How to Choose a Dental Practice

How to Choose a Dental Practice

Do you need dental care and do not know which dental practice to entrust yourself to? The choice of a dentist is always a problem for those who need dental treatments.

Why Change Dental Practice

Many patients decide to change dentists. Which dental practice to choose and why change it?

The most frequent reasons are:

  • Previous negative experiences: If you have found yourself wrong with your dentist, it is normal you want to change it. Some patients had poorly performed dental care, had to return to fix the problems. A growing dissatisfaction that leads the patient to no longer rely on dental care than that study.
  • Closure of the dental practice: staying years and years without having made check-ups at your dentist often involves finding yourself looking for a new study and delaying treatment even more.
  • Incomplete dental services: not all dental practices offer the full range of dental care.


What Services Should A Dental Studio Offer

A good dental practice must be able to offer its patients all kinds of dental treatment. The dental sectors include:

  • Implantology: the insertion of biocompatible titanium dental implants and the placement of an artificial crown, then the total restoration of the missing tooth. This also includes computer guided implantology (advanced pain-free dental implant technique) and immediate load implantology  (to speed up the insertion of multiple dental implants).
  • Dental prostheses: fixed prostheses, All on 4 prostheses, dental crowns for the reconstruction of the tooth after devitalizations or implants, dental veneers to improve dental aesthetics and chewing.
  • Orthodontia: for the correction of dental defects. In particular, we talk about invisible orthodontia thanks to Invisalign, a modern and innovative dental device totally invisible.
  • Periodontology: it is the area that studies and treats periodontal diseases, that is, those that affect the soft parts of the tooth, then gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and root cement.
  • Endodontics: deals with the treatment of dental pulp problems. Endodontic treatments are better known as canal treatments or devitalization.

When choosing a new dental practice, make sure it offers the full range of dental services, so you can rely on professional dentists who can solve any problems you may have in the future.

Practical tips for choosing a dental practice

  • First cognitive visit: you can request a visit to expose your problem and get an idea of the approach that the dentist will take towards you, how his office and medical and paramedical staff looks.
  • Information taken from the web: Professional dental practices have a website where you can view the services it offers, virtually get to know the staff that works there and also read patient reviews.
  • Anesthesia – are you a patient who is terrified of feeling pain during dental care? Make sure the dental practice offers care in conscious sedation and total anesthesia.

Dental health plan: A professional study will explain in detail how the dental care you need will take place, preparing a therapeutic plan to be completed in various sessions.


Does choosing a Dental Practice Abroad Pay off?

If you are thinking about traditional dental tourism, you need to pay attention to the country and dental practices.

Many dental studies deal with dental tourism more from the tourist side than from the dental side. It sounds absurd, but there are studies that offer packages for patient groups to speed up care and earn more and faster.

We at ‘’Travel and Smile’’, for example, have a dental tourism program, but the “tourist” service takes place outside of dental care and includes normal assistance for those coming from another country:

  • Transfer from and to the airport on arrival and departure
  • Accommodation for two people
  • Guide in English from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Health care for 24 hours

If you want to rely on a dental practice, evaluate our ‘’Travel and Smile’’ clinic and contact us to tell us about your dental problem.

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