How to receive an estimation

How to receive an estimation

How to receive an estimation

Need an estimation for the dental care? At our dental clinic we offer you a complete and professional assistance for your dental problems. If you need a dental treatment, you can request an estimate of costs without any commitment.

You will find our competitive rates, but above all a highly qualified staff and a dental care service that also includes a series of other services included in the cost. At our clinic, in fact, besides the therapy, you will also receive a free stay for 2 people: read our offer on the dental tourism and send us an estimation request immediately.

FREE and WITHOUT COMMITMENT Estimate – 2 ways to receive-it:

1) First free check-up visit

It is recommended because it allows you to speed up the times of intervention. Once you have completed the medical history sheet, performed a 3D TAC scan and a first check-up (2-3 days are enough) you will receive a personalized care plan, a detailed estimate and, if you wish, you can immediately begin your journey towards a new smile.

Advantages: you will have a detailed estimation, the possibility to start immediately the intervention, the transfer to and from the airport and free assistance in English even if you decide not to accept the estimation. The only costs you will incur are those of the 3D TAC (100 euros) and of the Hotel (25 euros per night).

2)Sending a dental x-ray

If you have recently done a dental x-ray and would like to receive a general estimate in distance, you can send it to our official contacts:

+39 3493038767

Viaggiare e Sorridere in Albania

Both options are valid and allow us to prepare you an estimation, but as already mentioned, only through a first check-up visit and a 3D TAC scan, a much more specific and detailed three-dimensional exam than a common x-ray, which in Italy has high costs (from 180 to 250 euros) and a long waiting lists, we can carefully evaluate your clinical situation and send you a precise estimate.



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